, Etc. The logopedist

, Etc. The logopedist Starlings at a nesting box.

Starlings flied.

, Etc.

The logopedist draws a conclusion.

We picked up the main clauses or names to each picture: Children are going to build nesting boxes Children build nesting boxes Children hang out nesting boxes Starlings at a nesting box These main clauses together are called as the plan of the story.


Summing up occupation The logopedist asks children various questions: Than were engaged?

That was learned?

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Also it does

Also it does However this book will surprise the reader with that the author reflects on difficult questions of education with application of unusual forms and, sometimes, offers unusual conclusions and councils.

Also it does it, relying on the experience of pedagogical life, on experience of the colleagues and obshchinnik from Kitezh.

Everything about what he speaks in connection with the parental program of education and the childrens program of education, is fresh, unusually, and the most important, convincingly.

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Then month

Then month That the child correctly developed, you have to change the with him the relations all the time, softly encourage any attempts something to consider, to make sounds, to investigate world around and to work.

Then month after month and year after year under your skillful and soft management the child will be able to learn skills, for it inaccessible earlier.

It, but not establishment of its constant from you dependences are also the true parental love.

Once the child should remain without you.

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Swimming Swimming If the child has no contraindications, the best age to start floating with the baby, months because at this age children are not afraid of water yet.

For a start I advise you to be engaged in small group for mothers and kids which usually is at special medical pools with water temperature not below °C.

It is best of all to acquaint the kid with water to mother.

However for various reasons mothers do not like to be in the pool often or to them it is inconvenient, with the child in the pool the father or other adult family member in that case can be engaged.

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Such adaptations

Such adaptations Orthoses use for fixing of an ankle and knee joint in the correct situation and for control of the movements of these joints.

Such adaptations make of light material, for example polypropylene, it can be inserted into usual footwear therefore it is imperceptible and does not spoil appearance.

The orthosis fixing foot, talocrural and knee joints supports anklebones and feet in the correct situation and interferes with excessive extension of a knee when the child costs or goes.

The purpose of use of the orthosis has to be accurately defined.

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